Arrow Benches

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The clean lines and stylish simplicity of this design will work in any context.

Durable, functional and good looking, the Arrow Bench is always an asset. Either as seating for one of our wide range of Dining Tables or on it's own as a simple and comfortable garden bench. Available in a range of sizes, consider it a confident choice in any context.

*Here at The Teak Place, we recommend the following guide to help you choose the right bench for your needs.

Length of Bench Provides Comfortable Seating For:
80cm 1 - 2 People
100cm 2 People
130cm 2 - 3 People
170cm 3 - 4 People
220cm 4 - 5 People


 All our furniture is made from a-grade government controlled plantation teak. 

*Please Note: Shipping costs cannot be estimated. Contact our Sales Team directly for any purchases. Thank you.

*Please Note: Shipping costs cannot be estimated.  Contact our Sales Team directly for any purchases. Thank you.