Our Products


We stock 100% plantation, solid teak furniture and our products come with a 24 month manufacturer warranty.

All our furniture is handmade and therefore whilst soundly and structurally strong will not be flawlessly uniform. It will have some natural colour variation as we do not use chemical colour levellers on our furniture as we believe them to be carcinogenic. We use dowels in most joins as they are visually more appealing than metal and much longer lasting.


  • Teak is grown in the northern part of Java & Sulawesi in Indonesia.
  • Teak is only grown commercially on government supervised plantations.
  • Teak is the wood of choice used in durable and attractive outdoor furniture.
  • Teak is a softer wood to sit on than other hard woods.
  • Teak is naturally weatherproof and resistant to dry rot.
  • Teak resists wine stains, just leave it out in the sun and the wine will disappear.
  • Teak requires no staining or oiling to extend it's long life.
  • Teak furniture does not need to be stored in a shed when not in use.
  • Teak can be restored to it's original colour by pressure cleaning or by applying a chemical treatment.
  • Teak can last over 25 years with little maintenance and still look as good as new.


Although teak furniture barely needs any cleaning, care or treatment, it is important to look after it. 

  • Clean the furniture with warm and soapy water regularly to remove dirt, normal stains and mouldy residue.

  • Stubborn stains (e.g red wine, grease, body fluids)  will mostly disappear due to the sun’s UV and rain but may sometimes need a gentle sand with 150 grit to remove stubborn stains from the surface.
  • The occurrence of the patina (silver grey layer) can be avoided by applying teak oil which will lead into a honey coloured look. The best time to do this is approximately three weeks after it has been exposed to the elements outside. Clean the timber with soapy water and apply the teak oil with a brush. To get the best result usually, two coats are needed. This will need to be re applied every 6-12 months. Alternatively we recommend sure Seal 
  • Do not move the furniture between extreme temperatures (e.g from a heated room to outside in the winter) as it may cause the timber/joints to crack.
  • Use the furniture only for the purpose for which it was designed (e.g. don’t sit on armrests, etc.. )
  • Do not expose the furniture to extreme temperatures (e.g. a hot saucepan on the table top without a placemat) It will leave marks on the furniture.
  • Cushions including sunroof must be stored or covered when not in use to ensure foam longevity
  • We recommend all products are placed on level ground. Products placed on unlevelled ground may result in cracks in timber/joinery.


  • As teak is a timber it will develop some minor cracks which are also part of the having wood furniture outdoors but will not in any way undermine the strength of the furniture. These minor cracks will mostly appear at the end of armrests, on top of legs, etc. 
  • Like any timber, teak will show small movements as it expands and contracts with the heat and cold. This may result in timber slats moving slightly. 
  • Stainless steel or brass joints are exposed to continuous movement and so it is important to check the nuts and bolts regularly.