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At Home

Our customers are often so pleased with our furniture, they send us photos to show us how good it looks in their homes and gardens. We're always thrilled to see other people enjoying our furniture as much as we do! 

Please send us your photos here. We love to see them!

And remember, you can always just tell us what you think here.

Also make sure you check out how our furniture can help build a Community


Greg loves the addition our Marlboro Garden Benches and Steamer Lounges make to his Main Ridge property.
We have to admit - they look right at home in these beautiful grounds. Nice choice, Greg.




Georgie was so lovely to send us this picture of her new four metre table and this beautiful note, "Many thanks Robbie. We love the table. The photo doesn't do it justice but anything smaller on this deck would have looked silly." Thanks Georgie - we're impressed you could fit the table in photo - Looks fantastic!



Mick needed the right sized table to make the most of the excellent view from his balcony. With our huge range of tables, it's no surprise he found it at the Teak Place. 



Marnie thinks her new Sun Lounges and Dining Setting look great. We Agree!


"Gorgeous table arrived yesterday. Many thanks and kindest regards." Vicki - Brighton.


Esther was delighted when her furniture arrived in Perth. We think it looks fantastic!

When her Garden Benches arrived, Seong couldn't wait to share how brilliant they looked in her courtyard. Thanks! We think you made a great choice. 


And Niamh was so delighted by Robbie and all our friendly staff, she sent us a Bunny Rabbit and some flowers to make us happy.... Thanks Niamh. It worked.


Phil's wife has been so pleased with their outdoor setting, after 9 years, she made him send us this video. 
We think it's hilarious.
But you're right, Phil. The unique qualities of teak make it no surprise it's still "in mint condition." 
Thanks mate!


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