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A timeless classic, the old standard Cross Leg Bench is lifted with the warmth and richness of the colour and grain of high quality teak. An ever popular design, the cross leg structure always allows you to maximise your space and squeeze in those extra chairs when needed in an emergency!

Great with any of our Dining Chairs or a great match with our Cross Leg Benches.

The classic table comes in various sizes and seats up to 14 people.

*Here at The Teak Place, we recommend the following guide to help you choose the right table for your needs.

Table Provides Comfortable Seating For:
140 x 120cm 4 - 6 People
150 x 120cm 6 - 8 People
160 x 120cm 6 - 8 People
180 x 120cm 6 - 10 People
200 x 120cm 8 - 10 People
240 x 120cm 8 - 12 People
280 x 120cm
10 - 14 People
300 x 120cm
12 - 14 People


Other Dimensions:
Height: 75cm

300 x 120 sold from the showroom floor only.

All our furniture is made from a-grade government controlled plantation teak. 

*Please Note: Shipping costs cannot be estimated. Contact our Sales Team directly for any purchases. Thank you.

*Please Note: Shipping costs cannot be estimated.  Contact our Sales Team directly for any purchases. Thank you.